Our Story

Anna and Mike Blazevich have been partners in crime their whole lives. Their childhood was spent creating new games for the neighborhood children to play. As they grew older, those "games" evolved to entrepreneurial activities and problem solving strategies. That was their M.O. as kids, as college students, as corporate figures, and now as successful, day-to-day operators of their business ventures.

Their success can be contributed towards a key element that they both share — neither of them sees "problems." Rather, they see opportunities for creative solutions that connect innovation together with raw human need. It was their love of problem solving and taking something from concept to creation that spurred the vision of BB Waters.

About BB Waters

In Taoist tradition, water is considered to be an aspect of wisdom. Here the symbolic meaning of water speaks of a higher wisdom that we may all aspire to mimic. The ever-observant ancient Greeks also understood the power of transitions that water holds. It is the epitomic symbol for metamorphosis and philosophical recycling. It is the concept that water takes on the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance that sparked the company name itself.

BB Waters is a product company that started along the ocean shores of Southern California and a place where creative creation is the main ingredient in all of its projects. Each project is approached by taking the road less traveled in order to provide a tangible solution through innovative concept and remarkable design.

We are dedicated to providing fresh, relevant and unique products to our customers and creating a vibrant, social marketplace that empowers local and national designers, suppliers, and our communities. A place where original and formative products reign supreme and creativity breaks new ground.